Current project 2016


In NO BODY BUT ME, the CocoonDance company makes us aware of how different media can affect our perceptions of the body by transferring cinematic effects onto the dancers' bodies.  The changing perceptions of the body lead to a new, differently constructed perspective for the spectator who, at the end of the evening, will feel as if his personal view has been altered.


Body and film – the bond between the two is indissoluble as well as fascinating. A film without bodies is difficult to imagine, because bodies are usually the focus of the camera. The camera follows them, captures them, makes them stand still and dissolves them. Sometimes, the camera moves quickly around them, zooms in and out, scans the bodies and wallows in their movements, gestures and images.


The body, on the other hand, is neither imaginable nor conceivable without the medium of film. Images can only be perceived through a body, whereas we need images to perceive our own bodies. In so doing, images address the recipients' body directly and inscribe themselves directly onto physical perceptions.  We are using images to practice body self-awareness as well as to relinquish our own bodies.  


Premiere: 19 October 2016, Théâtre du Crochetan Monthey (CH)  

German-Premiere: 27 October 2016, Theater im Ballsaal (D)

Further performances see calendar

3-year-residence in the Swiss canton Valais


Within a 3-year-residence, CocoonDance Company Bonn is going to show their productions, and cooperating throughout the canton with diverse groups, professionals and lay people alike, for example break dancers, parkour runners, pupils, students at the cantonal conservatory and other.

The supporters of the residence programme, Théâtre-ProValais, Le Conseil de la Culture Etat du and La Loterie Romande, want to create a strong base for the advancement of  contemporary dance in the Swiss canton Valais by awarding the residence to CocoonDance.  

CocoonDance and the Theater Osnabrück to receive federal grant “Doppelpassförderung“


CocoonDance Company is receiving funding through the grant “Doppelpassförderung“ by the Federal German government and is cooperating for two years with the Theater Osnabrück. Dance Company Osnabrück and CocoonDance Bonn, together with refugees who live in Osnabrück, will go on a search for their bodily history. The focus is on the question about their respective roots - biographically as well as physically and culturally – on uprooting and the possibility to take firm root again. 


Premiere BIOGRAFIA DEL CORPO: 21 November 2015, Theater Osnabrück (Premiere) Emma Theater.

Further performances: 28.11.2015 / 06.12.2015/ 13.12.2015/ 17.12.2015/ 19.12.2015 / 29.12.2015 /20.01.2016



Cooperative project with the Gürzenich-Orchester Cologne


Infinite space! Together, the young musicians of the Jugendsinfonieorchester (youth symphonic orchestra) of the Rheinische Musikschule and the professional musicians of the Gürzenich-Orchester Cologne travel to Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. This family concert takes the audience across the universe under the guidance by newly appointed Gürzenich bandmaster François-Xavier Roth. “The Planets” by composer Gustav Holst is on the concert programme. Listeners can expect a galactic concert spectacle, in which along with the musicians, hearing-impaired pupils of the Johann-Joseph-Gronewald-Schule participate. Supported by CocoonDance Company Bonn, the pupils will create their very own approach to this composition by developing their own choreographical images to the music of Gustav Holst and thus transport the audience to another universe. Premiere, 19th June 2016, at the E-Werk, Cologne.