6 Performer, 1 Technician

Stage: 10 m x 12 m

Duration: ca. 1:00 h


Premiere: 30.10.2021

Ringlokschuppen Ruhr Mülheim


In coproduction with: Théâtre du Crochetan Monthey, Theater im Ballsaal Bonn,

Ringlokschuppen Ruhr Mülheim


Funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste, Kunststiftung NRW, Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen, NRW Landesbüro Darstellende Künste, Bundesstadt Bonn, Pro Helvetia, Theatre-ProVS, Le Conseil de la Culture Etat du Valais, La Loterie Romande


Performance: Cristina Commisso, Álvaro Esteban, Clémentine Herveux, Marin Lemić, Colas Lucot, Susanne Schneider  and research: James Batchelor, Fa-Hsuan Chen, Martina De Dominicis, Silvia Ehnis, Mijin Kim, Manuel Kisters, Frédéric Voeffray • Choreography: Rafaële Giovanola • Dramaturgy: Rainald Endraß • Composition: Franco Mento • Space, light design: Boris Kahnert • Costumes: Fa-Hsuan Chen/ Mathilde Grébot • Workshop Ballroom dancing: Yulia Lorenz, Paul Lorenz • Artistic advice: Mélisende Navarre • Production management: Lena Peters • Management: Mechtild Tellmann, Cologne/ Management Switzerland, Austria, France: GROUNDWORKERS, Vienna




In STANDARD, the CocoonDance company deals with ballroom dancing as if it was a completely unknown form of movement. Ballroom dancing, in the form of standard dances, is understood

as a comprehensive body concept and, by means of the glossary work developed by CocoonDance since 2017, questioned about its essence, deconstructed and transformed with regard to an independent new type of movement and physicality. The focus is especially on the couple dance, where the partners are inextricably connected with each other through physical contact as 'one body with four feet'. The artificial body that is generated in such a way allows us to realize and to challenge traditional body images as

well as the social construction of body and gender.


The physical encounter with unfamiliar forms of movement and

the exchange with 'other', non-academically trained dance bodies,

while doing research for the first trilogy of the 'unthought body' (Momentum - Vis Motrix - Hybridity), led already to an expanded understanding of the body and movement by Rafaële Giovanola and her ensemble. The field of ballroom dancing, ranging up to

competitive sports and differentiated down to the smallest detail, that is highly artificial, matured over centuries, and yet dynamically varying,  offers itself in particular as a subject of research in exchange with new groups, because of its numerous implications with regards to genre, ethnic identity, gender and habitus, just as for the development of the glossary work which is designed to take several years to complete.